Audiovisual translation: the newest field in translation.

With many advertising campaigns and product launches now needing to reach international audiences, Ineedtranslations can provide our customers with a quality audiovisual translation/interpreting service


 “Voice-over: Process of replacing a narration voice track (usually with no actor seen on screen) in a foreign language in a multimedia medium.”


“Subtitling: Process of adding a written translation of the dialogue or narration on-screen or above the stage. Also called “captioning.”

Adding subtitles to video content remains the most cost effective way of reaching audiences in other languages, and it is still a popular route taken by production companies, when creating training material, e-learning content and other online video content. It is still of course widely used in television programmes across the world.

We can work as part of a project team to ensure the translations and Interpreting is carried out correctly. We have extensive experience in working with production teams and particularly at the editing stage.
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