Simultaneous Interpreting (also known as Booth Interpreting).This is a specialised type of interpreting where a team of two interpreters works in soundproof booths listening to a speaker through headphones and delivering a simultaneous oral translation to the audience in another language. This interpreting is a much specialised skill and therefore the cost of this would be higher.

There is a large range of conferencing equipment available including:

  • ♦ Headsets
  • ♦ Microphones
  • ♦ Loudspeaker system
  • ♦ Booths
We can arrange this for you through a reliable supplier.

The set-up of equipment will commence the day before the event. It is essential that the conference room be reserved by the client for this purpose. Tables and seating to be in position beforehand. All equipment will be removed after last session of the conference. As this will take some time the room will be unavailable for other purposes until all equipment has been removed. The setting-up, operation, servicing and removal of all equipment will be undertaken by technical staff that remain on duty throughout the conference to ensure continuity and quality of sound reproduction.
The system together with all services, transport and labour including technician's fees (excluding interpreters) are provided in quote for this equipment.

The issue and collection of the Receivers and Headsets is carried out by client's personnel at their responsibility.
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